Azuma Tea Farm

Azuma Tea Farm was founded in 1868, the first year of the Meiji era, the era of renewal. Mr. Takashi Kanai is the 4th generation to develop this historical tea heritage.

Azuma Tea Farm is located in Wazuka, a few kilometers from the city of Uji, the birthplace of matcha. 

On 5 ha, Takashi Kanai San and his family produce matcha which is one of his specialties, but also sencha called Zairai from tea plants reproduced by seed and not by cuttings, thus having each its genetic specificity and its taste, as well as hojicha leaf and powder.

I invite you to discover 4 of its teas in my store: Matcha Okumidori, Sencha Zairai "native", Hoji Tencha and Cooking Hojicha Organic.

And if you want to see the harvest at Azuma Tea Farm of Sencha Zairai "native" semi-mechanized very common in Japan: