Manon Clouzeau

bowl ceramist in Charente - France

Manon Clouzeau is a French ceramist who has her studio based in the Charente. She works on the theme of the bowl and has had a connection with tea since she started.

Her workshop - Manon Clouzeau ferruginous clay & minerals / 1260°C - is located in Aubeterre-sur-Dronne (16) in the Charente region of France.

She first worked on the theme of the bowl, and in particular the gaiwan, a bowl with a lid that serves as a mini teapot and is used in the ritual of gong fu cha in China, but also in the ritual of sencha dô in Japan with the shiboridashi

She then worked on the pourer, a kind of deformed bowl. Its birth proves it: it was initially a commission from the Neo T gallery exhibiting ceramics and offering tea, then the result of an accident her finger having "fortunately" deformed a bowl just turned. The Manon Clouzeau pourer was born!

I invite you to discover her ceramics in my store: the mini teapot or gaiwan, the pourer or chahai, the small bowls, the Pu er & Ceramics box.

Do not hesitate to consult this magnificent short film allowing you to dive into the universe of Manon Clouzeau's workshop from clay to bowl: E M P R E I N T E : Mineral with a twist