Morning teas

Delicious, energizing...
Hempseed & verbena

Woodstock T

A smooth return to school
Lucas Ben Moura

Teas from the Pyrenees

Exclusivity of L'Arrieulat
Through rose-colored glasses

Black Rose

Chinese black tea and rose petals
Lydia Gautier

Author's Teas & Herbal Teas

I invite you to the heart of botany, alongside producers

Author's Teas & Herbal Teas

The inspiration for Thés & Tisanes d'Auteurs comes from the wines of authors. Agronomist, tea specialist since 1995, I am the author of a dozen books on tea. After having advised major tea houses, I now offer natural and artisanal creations and exceptional sourcing. Try it, you'll understand!

100% natural

I select exceptional raw materials. My handcrafted creations are composed only of plants.


I work in a short circuit with tea producers with respect for the living, the terroirs and in a fair way.


From my closeness to the great chefs, I derive recipes and tea and food pairings that renew the taste.


Packaging Kraft

I am committed to using as little packaging as possible and choose kraft. My packaging is selected for optimal preservation of teas and herbal teas.

Our Collections


I have known Lydia for a few years. I was struck by her professionalism and humility. She moves at the pace of wise people

Alain Milliat - creator of tasting juices

Lydia is a partner of choice for us tea producers around the world

Silvia VAYIYANA - Tsou tea producer in Taiwan

With Lydia, I design a brand at the heart of tea but also a brand with a heart

Martin PORTEVIN - web designer

I appreciate the universe of Lydia: gastronomy, modernity and creativity

Joelle DANIES - passionate about tea

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