My tea trees in Corrèze

The Green Hand

In 2016, I planted 20 tea bushes behind the family home in Corrèze. Today, I am planting 50 new tea bushes, on a shady plot.

In 2016, I had selected 2 cultivars (sinensis and assamica types), and positioned them to test the impact of exposure and semi-mountain climate, convinced by the quality of the acidic soil of the Corrèze for the growth of tea plants. 6 years later, out of the 20 plants initially planted, 13 have survived, especially those that were the most protected from the sun and wind. I was thus able to make my first spring harvest: 100g of fresh tea.

Tea cultivation is developing again in Europe and particularly in France. Weizi and Denis Mazerolle, at the initiative of the association Tea Grown in Europe of which I am a member since 2018, and founders of Filleule des Fées advised me for this second step of my tea plantation in Corrèze. Today I am planting, still in a family spirit and with the help of Henri, a local farmer, 50 new tea bushes on a plot of land that has not been used for more than 20 years, where the local flora has gradually taken over from a meadow to a shrubby wasteland with the young growth of oaks, chestnut trees, hawthorns, ... that I intend to keep. I have selected 3 origins: tea trees from Nepal, China and Brittany. They are 3 years old and I have placed them in shady areas of the plot. A tea growing path that I wish to develop in an agroforestry spirit ;-)

I will keep you informed of the result!