Thés & Mets : Subtiles Alliances
Thés & Mets : Subtiles Alliances

Thés & Mets : Subtiles Alliances

Considered as a true gastronomic product, tea is a drink as rich as wine. Like wine, it has its vintages, its terroirs, its appellations. And like wine, it goes perfectly with food... It is associated with all the gourmet moments, from the aperitif to the dessert. The book proposes the association of 50 teas with 500 dishes from traditional cuisine, sweet or savory. After tasting 25 of the most accessible teas, we have developed a pairing with two recipes. The reader can then get down to the nitty-gritty and offer his or her guests 50 recipes to serve with 25 teas.

This is my third collaboration with the now famous Jean-François Mallet, author of "Simplissime". Here he fully expresses his dual sensibility of cooking and photography. In 2008, this book broke new ground in tea sommellerie, which is now unanimously acclaimed.

by Lydia Gautier and Jean-François Mallet, published by Aubanel, October 2008

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