Wulong tea Jakez Filleule des Fées
Wulong tea Jakez Filleule des Fées

Wulong tea Jakez Filleule des Fées

Cyan or wulong tea, Brittany

This wulong tea is the result of a close collaboration between Filleule des Fées for the fresh leaves and Jakez Hubert for the processing.

You should know that wulong teas are complex to manufacture and require precise know-how. The largest variety of wulong is concentrated on the island of Taiwan and the Chinese provinces of Guangdong and Fujian.

Jakez Hubert, a young Breton passionate about tea and a great lover of wulong, took up Chinese to have access to all the books dealing with the manufacture of wulong to do his apprenticeship as a "tea maker".

Weizi and Denis Mazerolle, founders of the Filleule des Fées tea garden in Brittany, provided him with the fresh leaves of their multiple cultivars of tea plants so that he could test different factories.

This vintage is the result of this collaboration of more than a year of testing and investigation by Jakez to arrive at a wulong tea worthy of the great vintages that can be found in Taiwan or mainland China.

Its aromatic bouquet is intense with notes of exotic fruits and an almost caramelized woody background due to its roasting, its texture is velvety caressing the palate. A true delight !

It will turn out to be ideally prepared for gong fu cha

Date de récolte : July 27, 2022

Cultivar : Kolkhida

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