Thé de rameaux des Terrasses de l&
Thé de rameaux des Terrasses de l&

Thé de rameaux des Terrasses de l'Arrieulat

Yellow tea, Pyrenees
This tea is produced from the twigs of tea bushes, mature leaves and stems, in a Japanese style (Kyobancha), incorporating a yellowing process (24-hour fermentation) that rounds out the tea, and which differs from its Japanese relative in that it roasts more gently and smoothly. This is the first tea to be marketed by young producer and tea maker Lucas Ben-Moura. The tea bushes have been growing since 2018 on the Terrasses de l'Arrieulat in the heart of the Pyrenees.

A surprisingly tasty tea, to be drunk as an infusion or decoction, it can be forgotten without any risk of bitterness or astringency. Very low in theine, it can be enjoyed at the end of the day.

This limited batch is from a harvest in August 2023.

Discover the delicate, fresh white tea version, or the very elegant black tea version, still with that touch of freshness and woody, fruity notes.
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Lucas Ben-Moura