Pu er Mandarine
Pu er Mandarine

Pu er Mandarine

Chinese dark tea & tangerine

Keeping pu er tea in a small tangerine was a nice way to arrange the tea by naturally giving it a citrus note that alleviates the sometimes heavy and humid side of ripe pu er or shu cha. Thus was born this tradition of putting pu er shu cha in a mandarin. Now it has become an art where both must be of good quality to interact over the years. The tangerine was not chosen at random associated with the pu er, food in China being the first medicine ... Both have digestive properties. We find the body of pu er shu cha with velvety without any bitterness and astringency, consistency in the aromatic bouquet oak moss and humus, relatively straight to which is added this zesty gourmet note mandarin slightly acidic complementing the flavors of tea.

Preparation tips:

Take a slightly bulging teaspoon by a 20cl bowl or cup or a 15cl gong fu cha teapot.

Use hot water around 90°C

Put in your teapot the tea and add a small piece of broken mandarin peel if you want to accentuate the citrus side. For a preparation in a western teapot or in a mug, you can use the paper filters that are easy to remove once the tea is brewed: the S filters for mug or bowl or the L filters for teapot.

Leave to infuse for 4 to 5 minutes in a classic teapot, you can then infuse the tea a second time for up to 10 minutes.

Leave to infuse for about 1 minute in a gong fu cha teapot, then add more water each time until the tea is used up.

It is proposed in its original red metal box.

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  • 90°C

  • 4 min

  • evening