Cooking Hojicha
Cooking Hojicha
Cooking Hojicha
Cooking Hojicha

Cooking Hojicha

Green tea, Japan

Hojicha is a green tea that the Japanese roast to give it toasted notes, almost caramelized, while remaining very sweet and thirst-quenching. A tea to accompany soba.

Here, I propose you a Japanese novelty, less known than matcha, but which is very popular in Japanese kitchens: hojicha powder. It is a hojicha pulverized with a grinder like matcha and thus very easy to cook. It comes from a producer in Kyoto with whom I also work for the Sencha Zairai. It will bring to your dishes its brown pigment, its toasted vegetable flavors slightly velvety and greedy.

Storage: once opened, close the package well and keep it at room temperature (below 22°C) away from light, strong odors and humidity.

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