Matcha Okumidori
Matcha Okumidori

Matcha Okumidori

Green tea, Japan

Matcha is a green tea from Japan that has been reduced to a fine powder by passing through a stone millstone. It is traditionally served during the tea ceremony, the cha no yu, whipped with a bamboo whisk in a bowl. There are several qualities depending on its use: the soft and velvety ceremonial matcha which will be delicious prepared whipped, and the full-bodied culinary matcha, ideal for lattes and cooking.

Matcha Okumidori is a ceremonial tea, it comes from Azuma Tea Farm, a farm owned by Mr. Kanai and located near Kyoto in Wazuka, one of the cradles of tea in Japan. The family has been producing tea since 1868 with environmentally friendly cultivation methods. Okumidori is the name of the cultivar, so it is a monocultivar matcha. I selected it for its softness, its mellowness, its fresh vegetal aroma and also greedy with an almost sweet sensation at the end.

Preservation: once opened, put it in the refrigerator well closed so that it keeps its freshness and its beautiful tender green color.

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